Kate Nicholson

Talks: Behind Everest - Ruth Mallory’s Story

Held at  the Royal Geographical Society on 25th March



From Everest's Historians

Robert MacFarlane Author of Mountains of the Mind

‘[Ruth] is in the shadow when she should share the light. She lost [George] towards death four times; once to war and three times to the mountain. To know only George’s side of things, to see only through his eyes and those of the men who accompanied him, is to see an incomplete Everest, a partial myth, and to further confirm the heroic-tragic male mountaineering/exploration paradigm.’

Wade Davis

Author of Into The Silence

‘The key to George Mallory is his beloved wife Ruth, and yet until now Ruth has remained a great mystery. Kate Nicholson’s biography is both vital and long overdue ...’

Author of Wildest Dream

‘You have unearthed some wonderful, compelling material. I was deeply impressed with all you have found out and you have brought life and meaning to a powerful and important character ...’

Sarah Wheeler

‘a photograph of George Mallory naked in the Himalayan foothills with his rucksack on his back – I do not think one could ever tire of these images.’